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A warm hello to all first time visitors, this long-envisioned project has finally come to life.

QUOTE 1: by Aristoteles

QUOTE 1: by Aristoteles

Artstein is here to inform and inspire.

It is designed to build bridges between creative work and inspiration.

It is dedicated to those are looking to make their intellect more robust...

To those who are looking for ways to achieve clear creative thinking.

To those with artistic sensibility.

To those who can find inspiration in any discipline.

To those who are constantly in search of quality information, inspiration and references to expand their creative practice.

To those who are craving a deep aesthetic experience. 

To those who are craving a particular kind of emotion provoked by art, and emotion which is provoked by every kind of visual art - by pictures, sculptures, buildings, pots, carvings, textiles.

To Einsteins, Alma Tademas, Marcel Prousts and Anna May Wongs.

To Rembrandts, Socrates, and Hitchcocks..

To culturally curious people...

But most importantly to those for whom art is a contact source of passionate emotion.

And what is meant by art it is meant? Well..



Art is given many different definitions. 

Although previous literature and research has offered many ideas to define arts, Artstein believes that art nurtures creativity and personal growth. 

This website's topics encompass a variety of art forms from architecture to painting, fashion to design. This variety stems from an appreciation of the diverse, nurturing the influence of the visual arts: Whislt a painter may inspire a designer, a film might affect a photographer. Equally a calligraphic quotation from a poem or a novel could enhance a business presentation. This inclusion of a broad range of art forms will broaden the online field of reference and encourage the users of this website to engage with and practice creativity.


The first issue of dedicated to theme of Identity: The Art of Self.

Aristoteles says "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

Identity is described as the way we see and express ourselves. However, the concept of identity is complex and is constantly changing, from ancient times up to the present day. Thus, the theme is a rich topic for study. 

Self-portraits are one aspect of this study, and the inaugural issue focuses on Self-Portraits to offer a better understanding on the relationship between the Arts and the Identity, by exploring the idea that any piece of artwork reflects the artist's individuality, dropping hints about their character, state of mind or intentions. 

 Artstein's Manifesto, further explains that, 'Artsteins' are the genius of the artists.  They are the ones who are able to produce works of art that speak to their viewers. Clive Bell names this emotion "aesthetic emotion". They create an emotion between the artwork and the viewer. 

This inaugural issue includes regular features: "In the Frame", "60 seconds" and "Words of Mouth". They are here to give quick insights about the subject matter. The selection "Beyond the Face" examines contemporary self-portraits, whilst looking at the relationship between artwork and identity. 

'Talks with Creatives' section gathers references and opinions from creative forces, who share their expertise and ideas, whilst adding to Artstein's valuable network of artists. 

Last but not least, Artstein takes this opportunity to describe its own self, through the 'Moodboard' section.

The following issue will be on Culture. It will examine how artists or creatives represent or project inspiring identities from different nations or cultures.

Stay tuned!