Artist Profile: Alexa Meade


The artist who transforms the space through her works of art.

I decided to see what it would look like if I put black shadows on the human body, and then painting not only shadows but also a full mapping of light in grayscale, highlights, darks, everything coming together in a mask of paint. Just by creating a mask of [shadow and] light with paint, it completely transformed the space.
— Alexa Meada
ALEXA MEADE - SELF PORTRAIT, created for practice in the Los Angeles studio 2016.

ALEXA MEADE - SELF PORTRAIT, created for practice in the Los Angeles studio 2016.

Do you believe in what you see?  

 Is life merely an illusion? 

Alexa Meade's art reminds us of the ultimate human dilemma of struggling to grasp reality.

Her canvas is spaces and people, literally.  The artist uses special shadow and framing techniques with paint that make people and things look like two-dimensional paintings of themselves.  As her own website states, "Alexa creates the illusion of a world where 2D and 3D have become one."


The videos below explain it well. The first video brings back Frida Kahlo back to life, as Alexa paints musician Ely Guerra. It helps the viewer understand the artist's process and how her artistic style works. The second video features Alexa's Ted Talk speech, in which she explains her artistic vision, ideas and art. 

While Alexa's art proves that the human can be deceiving and that the human sight of something could completely change completely due to different light and shadow, it also raises the possibility that our universe may be working with the same idea. And that's why we can't see the other parallel realities and dimensions, not simply because we are not capable of seeing them. 

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