Artstein's Identity


They said.. select images and words without giving them a second thought.


What is your current state of mind ? 

Time flies. 


What or who interests you and about what would you like to learn more ? 

Philosophy. Philosophy of the Arts, Philosophy of Beauty. Philosophy of Creativity. 

What great philosophers have said are interestingly still so relevant and useful to our lives, that it is great to learn about the way they have thought - to be able to understand what we support or agree - which in return would help and develop our self or even work. 


Your latest discovery is.. What fascinated you lately ?

Julian Barnes's essay on Julian Freud: "Freud, the Episodicist" 

As Gombrich stated in his book of "The Story of Art"; to talk cleverly about art is not very difficult, because the words critics use have been employed in so many different contexts that they have all precision." - And Julian Barnes stands totally on the opposite side of this statement through this book Keeping an Eye Open: His knowledge and experience with artists allow him to give very interesting insights. And his use of language make art criticism so interesting and joyful to read for once. 

The court of Freud was similarly absolutist in its punishments: If you displeased him - by bad time-keeping, unprofessionalism, or disobedience to his will - you were tossed over the cliff. My friend Howard Hodgkin once knew Freud well, until the day Freud arrived at his studio unannounced. ‘Not now, Lucian’ Hodgkin said to him quietly, ‘I’m working’ This was altogether the wrong greeting. Freud went away displeased - ‘And I never saw him again.’
— An excerpt from 'Freud: The Episodicist' written by Julian Barnes

What are you listening to these days ? 

I recently discovered Portico Quartet. -- an instrumental band from London, known for their use of a modern percussion instrument, called Hang.

Prickly Pear from their first album (Knee-Deep in the North Sea) is my favourite!


A scene from The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, directed by Peter Greenaway

A scene from The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, directed by Peter Greenaway

Tell us a book or movie that you were fascinated with lately.

Movie - The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover by Peter Greenaway - I love movies that look pretty in colours. 


Do you collect anything?

Magazines, books, papers, beautiful packagings, brochures, cards - anything paper I suppose! 


Tell us a word or a quote that you love. 

"With freedom, books and the moon, who could not be happy" from Oscar Wilde


What are you working on at the moment?

On Artstein's second issue on Culture.


What do you think Artstein stands for ? 

Are you asking me ?