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A warm hello to all first time visitors, this long-envisioned project has finally come to life.

Quote by Aristotle

Quote by Aristotle

Artstein is here to inform and inspire.

It is designed to build bridges between creative work and inspiration.

It is dedicated to those are looking to make their intellect more robust...

To those who are looking for ways to achieve clear creative thinking.

To those with artistic sensibility.

To those who can find inspiration in any discipline.

To those who are constantly in search of quality information, inspiration and references to expand their creative practice.

To those who are craving a deep aesthetic experience. 

To those who are craving a particular kind of emotion provoked by art, and emotion which is provoked by every kind of visual art - by pictures, sculptures, buildings, pots, carvings, textiles.

To Einsteins, Alma Tademas, Marcel Prousts and Anna May Wongs.

To Rembrandts, Socrates, and Hitchcocks..

To culturally curious people...

But most importantly to those for whom art is a contact source of passionate emotion..