Jacquemus x Chloé Wise


The French fashion designer Jacquemus recently announced his collaboration with the New York-based artist Chloé Wise.

Simon Porte Jacquemus recently announced his collaboration with New York-based Canadian artist Chloé Wise to portray his Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. First Alessandro Michele commissioned work from painter Ignasi Monreal to imitate iconic historical paintings featuring runway clothes for Gucci digital campaigns, and now Simon Porte Jacquemus is the next designer who has decided to add an artistic twisted to his collection by through an artistic collaborative campaign.

I’ve always had an admiration and respect for the beauty and totality of Simon’s vision. after spending time in the south of France, and falling in love with the light and the history of the region, Icould see that Simon and I shared a similar reverence for the archetypal almost sublime allure of the Cote d’Azur. In our work, as separate as they may be, we share a lot in common; we both tend to celebrate the beauty and humor in bountifulness, whether an abundant sunset or an abundant cheese platter. And we both love a good sleeve.
— Chloé Wise

The collection, titled La Riviera, was inspired by the sunny Côte d’Azur, consisting a number relaxed beach and resort wear with sculptural shoes and accessories. This summer I looked Chloé’s painting, I felt this south of France mood. I was thinking of a collaboration with JACQUEMUS and the idea was born.” says the designer.

Chloé captures the summer spirit through a painting of two women outfitted in JACQUEMUS, with a background of blue sky and sea, fresh citrus, and a glass full of rose. Two women are standing on what we can assume is a balcony from a sunny French—Mediterranean town. The short haired woman wears an orange swimsuit with a gauzy trench coat draping over her, and we directly notice the designer’s iconic XXS green bag in the painting. The second woman wears a sheer yellow piece, with chunky gold earrings. At the bottom of the saturated painting, we notice as a hand reaching over with a partially peeled lemon and a chunky bracelet with the brand’s “J” charm dangling from it, that are the prime details setting the scene for JACQUEMUS’ dreamlike lifestyle.