Note to Readers


Different cultures should only be a source of inspiration.

1. Details from  Utagawa Kunisada , triptych series 2.  Vincent Van Gogh , ‘Almond blossom’, 1890. ©Van Gogh Museum.

1. Details from Utagawa Kunisada, triptych series 2. Vincent Van Gogh, ‘Almond blossom’, 1890. ©Van Gogh Museum.

On Artstein, each issue is a continuation of the previous one. The inaugural issue was on “Identity: The Art of the Self. Identities form Cultures”, and in this new issue, no. 2, we are exploring different cultures to be inspired by in “Culture Inspires”.

The first issue focused on individualism, and this new issue continues to examine the same subject by focusing on different types of identity, but this time as a group rather than individually. Although these groups have different cultures and identities, this “Culture Inspires” issue is based on the ancient Mayan philosophy that believes “I am another you”, suggesting that we are essentially all the same.

It is fascinating to see how one person can have a totally separate lifestyle to another, but it is equally fascinating to think that we are exactly the same, as we are all human beings. And when two different human beings meet, they are amazed by what they see. Some are scared, some judge, and some are inspired by their differences.

Learning about other cultures inspires us to be a better person by stimulating our awareness and empathy. On the creative side, there are infinite numbers of sources to delve into that we can learn from or be inspired by, and “Culture Inspires” features some of these inspiring places, people, traditions, regional costumes and stories from around the world, because different cultures should only be a source of inspiration.